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IIOAB Journal (ISSN: 0976-3104) welcomes high-quality research, reviews, short communications, commentary, case report, interview etc. form multidisciplinary subject areas for RAPID publication in its forth coming issues.

The IIOAB Journal is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal focused to multidisciplinary basic and applied sciences, translational researches, innovations, and potential commercialization in any areas of Biology, Science, Technology, Agriculture, Pharma, Medicine, Environment, Ecology, Economics, Social Sciences, Business, Accountancy, IPR etc. The Journal has already been indexed in several international indexing agencies.

The journal also publishes Special Issues on foremost areas, hot topics, and most recent advanced fields in any area edited by experts in respective fields. The journal also covers scientific conferences, meetings, and workshops etc. 

The Journal is accepting submission of research / review / commentary, case report/ Conference coverage/ Interview/Book Review/ Industry News or any other form of article(s) that is (are) within the scope of our journal. 

We will be delighted to publish your works in forthcoming issues in IIOAB Journal.

 Please submit manuscript using email:


                            Call for Special Issues Guest Editors and Articles for IIOABJ              


IIOAB Journal is inviting Guest Editors for Thematic Special Issues in any advanced field within the scope of the journal. The Guest Editor will be entirely responsible for special issue publication. The Guest editor will call, review (forming a review board, approved by IIOABJ), and accept articles in coordination with Editorial Office. For a special issue, Guest Editor needs to publish minimum 25-35 articles. As the IIOAB Journal is an OPEN ACCESS, there will be publication/editing/formatting cost to author.

Benefits to Guest editors:

Upon Successful publication of a Thematic Special Issue 

  • Guest Editor can publish 2 articles free of cost in his/her special issue
  • Guest Editor's name will be mentioned in the first page of each article in the special issue.
  • Guest Editor also will be included as regular Editorial/Review Board member in IIOAB Journal.

Interested Scientists/Professors are requested to contact Editorial Office at with the theme, title, and probable date of publication of the issue. 


                                                     Call for Book Chapters                                            

To promote higher education and R&D, IIOAB publishes high quality research reference books through reputed International publishers like Taylor & Francis, Springer, Elsevier etc. Recently we have published the following books and we request you to recommend these books to your library. 

  1. OMICS: Biomedical Perspectives and Applications
  2. OMICS: Applications in Biomedical, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  3. OMICS Applications in Crop Science
  4. OMICS for Personalized Medicine
  5. OMICS Approaches in Breast Cancer
  6. Cancer Biomarkers: Minimal and Noninvasive Early Diagnosis and Prognosis
  7. Noninvasive Molecular Markers in Gynecologic Cancers
  8. PlantOmics: The Omics of Plant Science

Currently we have taken initiatives to publish research reference books on Single-Cell Omics. In this regard we invite you to take part in these exciting book projects and contribute an important chapter relating to the theme of any of these books.  

There is no cost to authors. Please send your proposed Chapter Title, Outline, and Abstract at: on or before 25th Dec, 2017


                                              Services/Consultancy from IIOAB                                            

As a part of our IIOAB's research activities, IIOAB is providing following services by highly expert multi-skilled Global team and through highly professional Third party service providers to assist your R&D activities and to serve the scientific community.

  • Publication support: Writing, Editing, Formatting, and Other supports
  • Bioinformatics: Literature Informatics, Disease & Biomarker informatics, Informatics for Genetic counselors and doctors, NGS and Clinical genomics Data analysis, Bio-software and database development etc
  • Patent informatics: Patent search, analysis, management

 For detail of each service, Please contact at: 


                                                       IIOAB Memberships and benefits                               

IIOAB is a registered Non-Profit Scientific Society established by a group of active scientific people

  • To provide a Global Platform for Multidisciplinary Research and Advocacy
  • To Promote Basic and Higher education
  • To Serve Science, Mankind, and the Nation

To support our initiatives, research activities, and introducing scholarships and to become a part of IIOAB’s initiatives, we invite you to become an active Member of IIOAB to achieve the mission. Your Contribution and Voluntary Service will help IIOAB to grow and accomplish its mission. There are several benefits and opportunities from each type of membership that IIOAB offers. For Membership detail, please visit our IIOAB web site and contact at:


                                    Call for Research Collaboration and Student Research Projects              

 IIOAB works in collaboration with several reputed National an International research groups focused to various recent trends and advance domains in Biology. To promote higher education and R&D, IIOAB provides research opportunities (minimum 8-12 months) to highly motivated and top ranked UG and PG students in any field of Life Sciences. For collaboration, currently available projects, and other detail please visit IIOAB Website and contact at: